Tress, photography 80x60cm, 2016

Tress,  detail with the diamond

Tress,view of the installation with photograph and certificate of authenticity


I, hereby underwritten, Przemysław Branas bequeath into deposit of the Museum the diamond for an indefinite period of time. The said diamond has been produced from the remnants and remains of fabrics from the Museum storehouse. From selected materials consisting of threads, balls and pieces of fabric I have created two unique synthetic diamonds. The second diamond is part of my installation entitled "Tress" created in 2016. Attached is a copy of the certificate confirming its authenticity. Each diamond is an orange object of 2mm size, of 0.03CT weight and serial number ID2016041804.

I’m in a museum archive. What interests me the most in here is all that has been discarded, dismissed as unnecessary, but made of organic materials. Loose threads from noblewomen’s clothes, fragments of historic fabrics, silk, silver threads. All gathered in small amounts. Even one thread from a piece of garment or a disposable fragment of fabric will do. From threads, to balls, through micro pieces. Out of these a curl is created – a mixture of all the remains and archives’ waste. In the next step the curl is processed into two small synthetic diamonds. One of them is part of this installation. The other one goes to the museum’s collection, its deposit, continuing the tradition of graceful, though changed, form. I hope for the form itself to crumble yet I doubt it will.

installation: diamond, wood, ash, 2016