Ten Guys in One Car

Mobile installation, Sesama Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2017

Artists: Bogusław Bachorczyk, Norbert Delman, Orsay Eugene, Marcin Janusz, Tomasz Malka, Brilian Arif Pramana,

Karol Radziszewski, Arif Hanungtyas Sukardi, Stach Szumski, Bahtiar Syahri R Zain

I invited 10 artists from Poland and Indonesia to participate in the mobile installation. I decided to create an installation/mobile exhibit inspired by the typical Indonesian trolley or mobile bar GEROBAK ANGRINGAN that is used for selling food, mostly warm

ready-made meals, across city districts. Economically speaking, they are a cheap way to earn money. My trolley is a meeting place for 10 artists from two countries. During the exhibition I rolled the Gerobak Angkringan in the city space, thus promoting the gallery and art in general.

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Gerobak angkringan, typical mobile construction, Yogyakarta, 2017

         A little boy’s dreams of rushing headlong at break-neck speed in a fancy car came true. Let me start at the time when I was about five-to-six-years-old and a Zastava (my father’s car brand) was swapped for a Volkswagen. My father, being a car mechanic, could do a lot of tricks to speed up a car’s engine. He was mighty then! Fashioning cars to personalize them and make them more efficient and exceptional was once a standard practice. From today’s perspective I could call it a Slavic fancy, somewhat misunderstood by the Western European countries. From tuning horsepower up to aesthetic accessories transforming the interior of a car to look almost like an apartment. What if the Slavic whim becomes even more bizarre the further one goes eastwards, and the most fantastic – in Asia?

It took a journey to the East to understand that this fantasy was related to imagination, which was in turn related to an approach to life.

Ten Guys in One Car, view of a mobile installation inside Sesama Gallery
Documentation of the performance on the Yogyakarta streets, Indonesia, January/ February, 2017