Photos: Przemek Branas, Diana Kołczewska

Four slides (images) from the projection

installation view

For a few months I used to go to the cemetery. I didin't visit graves; I looked inside rubbish bins and collected the remains of wax molds, ones that were almost burnt out and disposed of. Then I would bring them home. Each time I took a photo of the bag with the molds taken out from the bins. I would go to the kitchen and melt them into liquid wax, which I would then pour into a large wooden cuboidal coffin-like box which was made of wooden planks and stood in my room. That wax object is a recording of my daily routine. The object is acompanied by four pictures documenting the process of collecting rubbish and creating the object.

Hyena, detail with different layers of wax and stearin

object, 100x40x80 cm, 70kg, wax, stearin, slideshow, 2016