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Solo exhibition, Re Gallery, MOCAK, Cracow, PL, 2015

The theme addressed by the installation – which includes photographs, video and objects – goes back to the rituals created by the artist. Their aim is to map intimate and public spaces. It is those rituals that determine his being an artist who engages with his own memory and the memory of the place as he works around process and event.

Untitled, color photo 9x13 cm, family archive, 90’
Untitled, natural dried leaf, A4
Ritual home masks 01, photography 145x110cm

Hiccups are a persistent pathological syndrome occurring as a rhythmic jolt. This is also a neurotic syndrome, an involuntary bodily reflex appearing unexpectedly and leaving similarly unexpectedly. The word itself is often used in Polish as a metaphor for constant returns of something or to something, short-lived repetitive durations and their sudden dissolutions.

Erection Mask 01, object, biological materials, 2015
Erection Mask 02, object, biological materials, 2015
2 home rituals.jpg
Home Rituals, screen
Home Rituals, video 05'10'', 2015


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