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performance, suit, 2020

Pattern on fabric based on the graphic design

pocztowka a4.jpg

This design pattern features the common viper coiled around a penis. It has been replicated on fabric to create a hand-made suit. I have used the suit/uniform/performer’s costume in a series of actions. Accompanied by a mask, the suit is stored in a box/object. The viper, replicated, zigzags across the fabric which curls around me like rope.

The three-hour performance consists of a set of simple movements and gestures based on the observed hand gestures of politicians and rappers. A series of several gestures is repeated over and over for three hours. The audience is free to come and go at any time during the performance as the work has no beginning and no end. It is a loop, like the pattern on the fabric. The music was composed by Karol Nepelski.

This graphic design features the motif of a viper entwining a penis; the motif was used to design and manufacture the fabric for the suit and masks.

fakirowa maska.jpg

Two of the masks used in the performance


Fakir, documentation of performance



Photos: Przemek Branas, Barbara Kubska

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