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performance, obiect, photography

The photo I bought a few years ago in Poland has become the point of departure for my performance. I have no idea who took it. I only know the photograph's format abd tbe serial number stamped on its back: 023

The photo documents a man who performs an activity. It is unclear what the activity is. It is unclear whether the photo shows a street action or a performance. It was taken on the turn of the 60s and 70s.

There is a building at the background. Some signs are visible on the building's facade. A closer analysis of the photo revealed that it was taken in Marseille, next to the old port, and the building is today's Hotel Tonic.

Hotel Tonic, 9–39 Quai des Belges, 13001 Marseille, France, 43.294304,5.374175,

During the performance, basing on a photograph, I was building up a box made of cardboard. Each box was larger than the previous one; it had to contain all the ones I constructed earlier. In this way I was making an object that resembled a casket. I antiquated all the materials I used to build the box. At the very end I asked one person from all those who gathered, to take a single picture on the basis of the photograph.

Performance No1:

Embodied Action, Enacted Bodies CCCD Artspace–Green Wave Art, Hong Kong

Performance No2:

The 10th GUYU ACTION Performance Art Festival, ID Town, Shenzen, China

Performance No3:

Return to the Island of South: Beyond the Boundary, Aisa / Europe, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Performance No4:

Return to the Island of South: Beyond the Boundary, Aisa / Europe, Tainan, Taiwan

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