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Domina(c)tion of space

performance, 10.09.2014, Turbine Hall, Giswil, Switzerland

A silver mask, making a howling sound, covering ears and eyes, with only a trumpet-shaped hole, was pre- pared for the space of the Turbine Hall. The sound wave propagated in the space for over 10 seconds after it was first produced. The title “Domina(c)tion of space” refers to the presence/absence, the domination of space and of people. In both cases, the space-dominating elements were sound and smell, and not my physical presence, as it may have appeared. Actually, I placed myself in the position of a tool for the ‘visualization’ of smell and the production of sound filling the entire space. My presence was only apparently significant, whereas it was in fact a veil for a stronger impact of the two elements: oppressive smell and sound.

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